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Digital learning

At Hurst our priority is clear when it comes to technology and education, and that is to ensure every student is well prepared for the digital world and has exposure to digital learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Online services

After looking at the major cloud providers on the market the College made the decision to implement Microsoft Office 365. This platform enables students to progress academically and have all the necessary tools and resources available 24/7. Not only does the service ensure students have the consistency at school and at home, but it also prepares the students for the professional world of businesses. The Microsoft 365 suite of applications includes several different online services, including Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams and a lighter version of Office Suite, presented as Office Web Apps.


Female teacher demonstrating work on an interactive whiteboardWhen students join us in Year 9 (Shell), they each receive a Microsoft Surface Pro to ensure they have the latest technology at their fingertips. Not only is the Surface Pro a useful laptop, it can also become a touchscreen device.

We encourage the use of Digital Inking, which is part of an exciting project Hurst is currently exploring with Microsoft. Students are encouraged to bring their Surface Pros to all lessons as with the integration of interactive whiteboards and docking stations, they can share their work through their teachers鈥 whiteboards.

Hurst Online

Girl sitting at a bedroom desk working on a digital tabletOur students have 24-hour access to Hurst Online, a bespoke cloud-based network which runs on Microsoft SharePoint, where useful resources such as revision packs, past exam papers, classwork notes and prep information are stored. In addition, school announcements and documents such as prep timetables are posted here. Hurst Online also brings together the use of Microsoft Teams, which is fundamental to how classes can communicate and share resources. Hurst was one of the only schools to host internal exams via Teams, a success story that has been explored further by Microsoft.

This thoroughly tested and researched use of technology ensures that students and staff are able to utilise software and hardware, to ensure the very best educational provision.

Digital literacy

Senior boy sitting in a classroom working on a digital tablet with a map on the wallDigital literacy is an important part of education and business and our students are encouraged to learn skills in Microsoft Excel and Word through lessons and tutor sessions. Expertise that can be used in the corporate world – such as constructing professional emails, setting up meetings via Outlook and using excel for financial tracking – are all part of school life. Within our tutorial programmes, all students are expected to communicate online and will have training sessions on the use of Office software, and our Sixth Formers have the option to take Microsoft Office Specialist courses.

Digital Learning Team

To ensure the continuation and development of technology use throughout the college, a Digital Learning Team was formed. The Digital Learning Team offers training to staff and research technology that can help in the education of students via the digital world. The Student Digital Learning Team enables students to have a voice for what technology they would like to see within the college. They also enjoy trips to Microsoft鈥檚 headquarters and experience new immersive technology.